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Flowers of Hope annually requests proposals for funding from groups around the globe who are engaged in projects that align with the Vision, Mission, and Strategy of FoH. We seek to fund community-based projects, with preference given to successful returning grantees.

VISION– Why we do what we do
Flowers of Hope envisions a global society based on community, gender equity, social justice, human rights, and humanity. We see a world where increasingly better health and education build power for people and communities in need.

MISSION– What we do
We support projects that nourish, educate, and build power for people across the globe.

STRATEGY– How we do what we do
We raise funds, provide technical support, and facilitate connections with people, businesses, and institutions for organizations that serve the health and education needs of their community. Each project takes a comprehensive, integral, sustainable approach to improving people’s lives. Visit the projects page to learn more.

Flowers of Hope prioritizes projects that align with our core values.

CORE VALUES– What we strive for in each of our projects

  • An emphasis on women leadership and gender equity
  • Support for people in the least developed, most impoverished places
  • Support for community-based, grassroots, democratic forms of organization
  • Focus on projects that nourish, educate and build collective power from within communities
  • Focus on projects that improve the lives of women and children through education, training in marketable skills, and improved nutrition
  • Support for holistic projects that serve several aims at once
  • Facilitating connection and communication among all the projects we support
  • Understanding that local groups and people know what's best for their communities, not outsiders
  • Showing positive impacts through rigorous evaluation

GOALS AND ACTIVITIES– Examples of goals and activities in a project that Flowers of Hope might fund

  • Improve the quality and quantity of food in communities, especially for school-age children
  • Provide uniforms, books, and other necessities for children to attend school
  • Provide health education and training to school-age children and women
  • Provide training and skill development opportunities for women, especially those who are dislocated or unemployed
  • Provide child care opportunities for working mothers
  • Distribute low-cost medicine to communities with little access to health care
  • Establish income-generating activities for communities or individuals

Flowers of Hope seeks to fund not only the above activities, but any diverse and innovative approaches to nourish, educate and build power for people living in poverty. We will prost our next Request for Proposals here in early 2009, so please check back then.

Help us nourish, educate, and build power!
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