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FoH is a non-profit 501(c)3, all volunteer organization. 100% of the money that is donated by the public goes directly to support charitable, educational and humanitarian projects. We currently support projects with five community organizations in Esteli, Nicaragua, all of which are led by local women. These organizations have identified the most pressing needs in their communities, planned projects to address those needs, and prepared grant applications or requests for assistance from Flowers of Hope for those projects. We cover all FoH administrative expenses with separate donations, which is why the remaining donations from you, the public, can go to grants for the projects we approve.

VISION– Why we do what we do
Flowers of Hope envisions a global society based on community, gender equity, social justice, human rights, and humanity. We see a world where increasingly better health and education build power for people and communities in need.

MISSION– What we do
We support projects that nourish, educate, and build power for people across the globe.

STRATEGY– How we do what we do
We raise funds, provide technical support, and facilitate connections with people, businesses, and institutions for organizations that serve the health and education needs of their community. Each project takes a comprehensive, integral, sustainable approach to improving people’s lives. Visit the projects page to learn more.

Help us nourish, educate, and build power!
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